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About us and our dogs     


We're Jane and Ed, retired teachers now spending a lot of time looking after and showing our Staffordshire Bull terriers Raef, Inka and Juno, not forgetting our rescue girl Lucy.

Staffords are the best dogs in the world, intelligent, faithful and great family dogs, we wouldn't have any other breed. Looking after them is a full time job but all the exercise keeps us fit, and showing them means meeting lots of good friends many weekends in the year.

Jane always wanted a Stafford. When she was little, her dad would relate stories of his brother's dog 'Red'. Jane was shown pics of him with her cousin riding him when she was a baby..... Aaawww. Jane had Jack Russells for years, but still wanted a Stafford. She went to the RSPCA shelter in Derby in the early 90s and fell in love with a Stafford Whippet cross (very elegant).  She was a lovely girl, brindle and white – we called her Cheadle. But Jane was still on the look out for a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. In 1996 her ex-husband, who was a BT engineer, had a call out to a house in Heage, Derbyshire. There he saw 4 beautiful Stafford pups. He came home and described one in particular to her, chunky and a lovely colour. She rang (the phone had been mended!!) and arranged a visit. She took her daughter, Rebecca, to see Debbie & Simon Saunt and this pup. He was gorgeous. His name was Alport True Grit, (we called him Brewster). Debbie gave her a really handsome and loyal chap. We were heartbroken when Cheadle died in 2007 and devastated when Brewster had to be put to sleep in 2008.  We now have another two Staffords from Debbie and Simon's breeding, Raef (Alport Tornado) and Inka (Alport Black Ink).

Raef  was born in 2008. He is the most easy going dog we’ve ever known and he breezed through the Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold Award. He will chase a ball all day if you let him, but he is always crashing into things. In 2010 he jumped into a local river and grabbed a stone. This broke a tooth - five days before he was due to be shown at Crufts! A two hundred mile round trip to a specialist dog dentist and a general anaesthetic the day before the show had us on tenterhooks, but he strutted his stuff and we were flabbergasted when he was given a third place in Yearling Dog and another in Good Citizen Dog. He went one better in 2011 with a second place in the Good Citizen Dog Class.  He gained his Kennel Club Stud Book Number in November 2011 with a second place in Limit Dog at the Sout Wales SBT Club Champ Show.

Inka was born in 2010 and she’s a star. She qualified for Crufts 2011 at her very first show at just six months and six days old. She’s won a table full of rosettes since then, including beating most of the adult dogs at two shows while she was still a puppy. The trouble is that she is not as placid as Raef and can be a bit of a handful in the show ring. She was a nightmare at Crufts 2011. She didn’t like all the noise and kept trying to escape from the ring, and so she wasn’t placed. She has come on a lot since then, partly because of the help we've had at handling classes with two of our local SBT clubs (Notts & Derby and East Midlands) and has just gained a Reserve CC under Jenny Smith at the Midland Counties Championship Show, which made us really proud.

Juno was born in 2013 from a mating between Inka and Amelie Chaine's lovely dog TJ (Int Ch Dalakhani Des Terres D'Armor).  She is full of mischief but kept in check by the adult dogs.  We will give her a trial in the show ring at the E Mids SBTC Champ show in November.  We are in touch with her litter brothers and sisters and they are all growing into wonderful dogs.

When we lost Cheadle and Brewster Jane said she couldn’t go through such upset again and we said we weren’t having any more dogs. Then we heard about Lucy through Leicester SBT Rescue. She had been rescued from a terrible situation and needed a home. We decided to take her on. It took a lot of time and loving care but she began to change from the quivering wreck that we first met and she’s now the most affectionate dog you could wish for. Her early life may have been horrible but she shone when Raef and Inka each arrived as puppies. Her motherly instincts kicked in and she adopted them, kept them out of trouble, taught them how to play and even tolerated their nipping and chewing. Well done Lucy. 

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