Staffordshire Bull Terriers


Lucy was rescued from a house where she was being used as a bait dog to goad other dogs into being aggressive for fighting.  Although she had been fostered for a few months before we took her, she was still a nervous wreck.  She would cower into a quivering ball if we shook a towel or clothing after it had been in the tumble drier, presumably she had been hit with things like this in her previous life.  Very strangely she would do the same if she was given the 'Down' command.  When we took her out for walks she shied away if we met teenage boys, it was a group of young men who had abused her.  She is now a much better balanced girl, very affectionate and playful and she has been a marvellous surrogate mother to Raef and Inka.

If you think you could give a home to a lovely dog like Lucy then Staffie Rescue Charities are always looking for good homes. Scotland Leicester Northern Brighton


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