Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Raef - Alport Tornado at Delphinstaff (26-05-08)


At 16" and 35 lbs Raef is spot on the breed standard although a little finer than many modern dogs.  He usually gains a place when we show him and some judges really like him.  Some of his best results are:


 Crufts 2010 Rob Drummond3rd YD 3rd GCD 
 N&DDSBTC Champ 2010 Pete Rhodes1st GD 
 Crufts 2011Tony Brindley 2nd GCD
 WELKS 2011Bill Blacker 1st GCD
Birmingham National 2011  Vera Westwood1st GCD 
 Darlington Champ 2011 Gary Hinsley1st PGD 
 NCSBTC Champ 2011Shirley Gray3rd PGD
 SBTC South Wales Champ 2011Alan George 2nd LD
Crufts 2012Sarah Hemstock 3rd GCD 
 N&DDSBTC Limit 2012Jo Ann Essex 1st OD Best Dog RBIS 

His second in Limit at SBTC South Wales means Raef is now entered in the Kennel Club Stud Book. 

Crufts 2012 Judge Sarah Hemstock                                                                                                                             GCD (6) 3rd Dolphin's Alport Tornado At Delphinstaff. Very attractive black brindle with white front. Loved his head. Correct front, wide and well boned. Strong body, slightly longer cast than first and second. Correct rib and good depth of brisket. Strong hindquarters. Moved and handled well.

N&DDSBTC Limit 25-03-12 Judge Jo Ann Essex                                                                                                       OD 9, 3a
1st Dolphin's Alport Tornado at Delphinstaff
Blk/Br A lovely standard, well balanced dog all over, nothing overdone in anyway.  Pleasing head shape with good ear and eye placement strong muzzle ofgood length, good bite. Straight front, with lovely feet that turn out alittle. Nice depth of brisket, well sprung ribs, short coupled with a level topline that held on the move. Strong back end that allowed him to power up themat.  Pleased to award him BD, RBIS & BOS

Raef's pedigree (designed by Siriustaff in aid of Staffy Rescue)